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July 25, 2009
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Aero Xtreme 7 XP Alpha 6 by IanITAInc Aero Xtreme 7 XP Alpha 6 by IanITAInc
Perfection at it's best!

Aero Xtreme 7 XP Alpha 6

:new: authentic Windows 7 black glass taskbar for bottom substyles
:new: authentic Windows 7 Start Orb for bottom substyles that glows above the 40 pixel taskbar
:new: authentic Windows 7 rebar grippers with perfect vertical positioning
:new:perfectly positioned clock like in Windows 7 (TClock required)
:new:working show desktop button (TClock required)

I will reveal how I got the show desktop button to work shortly after beta 1 is released. It doesn't have any hover or pressed states but at least it works!

EDIT: Adjusted Quick Launch Icon position and added black borders in preview to better show hover state over Quick Launch icons. The light might not be quite centered so I will have to redo the Aeroshot...

EDIT: Turns out that the light image is actually thinner on the left side in Windows 7 (at least in build 7260). I still need to update it however since it cuts off at the ends to quickly!

Coming in Alpha 7 and in beta1

Alpha 7 will feature the new Start Menu for bottom substyles. Beta 1, scheduled to be released on Friday, July 31, 2009, will have normal and slim versions of the top and bottom taskbars with 48 pixel Start Menu support.

As always, your comments are much appreciated and don't forget to add me to your deviant watch list if you would like to be informed as soon as beta 1 is released,

Thanks for your interest in Aero Xtreme 7 XP!


Wallpaper by *emats [link] Many thanks!
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Thanks for the kind comment! I really hope that it will be at the top of your list for as long as you have a working XP system!
You had my hopes up there, then I saw it was a preview
you're killing us all

at least you gave a date though, thats a good thing

does the show desktop button at the right really work?
Thanks! I really appreciate your comment - especially coming from the creator of a great WinStep Windows 7 deviation!

Only with TClock and it's the entire clock and show desktop button that is clickable... Not ideal, but better than nothing!
"a great Winstep Windows 7 deviation" whats so great about that?

TClock is pretty cool but maybe someone will make an app that does just that
Although I haven't tried it, your WinStep Theme Pack for Windows 7 looks impressive!

Is there any other way to have the clock displayed on 2 lines like I have it in the preview? (on an XP system)

And YES, maybe someone will come up with a real 'display desktop button' that is compatible with WB. That would be awesome!

I don't really know of any other ways (besides TClock) that you can display it in 2 lines.

About the show desktop button, there is one in a program called Sbar [link] , in case you've never heard of it, Sbar is a taskbar replacement app almost exactly like viglance except it's a little buggier.

i've also been thinking about making one, even if it is with my very limited vb skills. I'll try it tonight.
But I hope lee includes one in viglance
If ever you can get a 'Show Desktop' button that is compatible with WB, that would be awesome!

Do you know if there is any way to have large icons within the wide taskbar buttons like in Windows 7? Other than ViGlance and SBar? In my preview the icons are only 16 x 16...
You can modify explorer.exe and you'd have large icons, but the downside is that your system tray icons will also be 32x32.

A lot of people who want Windows 7 themes use WB so having the show desktop button compatible with it is kind of a must.

I can't promise anything but I'll see how it goes
I am starting a reward program... If you succeed with the show desktop button, I will give you a 3 months subscription to deviantART. But of course, only if something like this interests you! Same thing goes for the larger icons in the taskbar buttons - as long as it doesn't increase the tray icons. It would give you a 6 months subscription to dA. This is open to anybody else who can figure this out. More details coming soon... It will probably be called 'Xtreme Challenges'.
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TSR-Pr Jul 26, 2009
Seriously, just waiting for you to release this is killing me, I can't wait! It's looking so awesome mate :)
Just great work ;)
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