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August 2, 2009
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Aero Xtreme 7 XP RC2 by IanITAInc Aero Xtreme 7 XP RC2 by IanITAInc

:new: Twilight Taskbar now available! Get it here now [link]

:new: Now with a Windows 7 style Picture Changer [link]

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Aero Xtreme 7 XP Pre RC2v6 by InTime Applications Inc. :party:
with Show Desktop 1.041 by CeIIular [link]

Also showing:
:bulletpurple: Aero Xtreme for ViStart
:bulletpurple: Aero Xtreme for ViGlance
:bulletpurple: Aero Xtreme for IconX

These 3 skins are not available* yet but are coming soon...
:new: IconX now available for download. You can get the skin here:

and IconX Enhanced [link] from ~EddieDeviant :iconeddiedeviant:

Windows XP SP3 (not tested with SP2)
WindowBlinds 6.4/7.x
.net Frameworks 3.5 for Show Desktop

Introducing the first and only XP WB Aero skin in the world to have Windows 7 style text caption glow and multi-layer frames with fixed corner glow!

Although this update does not bring any changes to the actual WBA, with the capability to visually see what user picture you are selecting, Pre RC2v6 qualifies as a major update! Get it now, you will love it!

By removing all of the user picture quick installers, file size as been reduced by about 10 MB!

IMPORTANT: Please note that the WB Splash Screen still says RC instead of Pre RC2.

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Now Includes Show Desktop by CeIIular with Aero Peek
The top preview shows the newest build of Show Desktop by CeIIular (1.041) with Aero Peek [link] which emulates true Aero with reflections that cross over from window to window.

All Aero Peek and Show Desktop images are by InTime Applications Inc. [link]
Programming by CeIIular [link]

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Aero Xtreme 7 XP features
:bulletblue: Windows 7 Style Start Menu with perfect 'Shut down' button.
:bulletblue: Optional perfect 'Log off' button
:bulletblue: Windows 7 Slim Taskbar (30 pixels)
:bulletblue: Windows 7 Large Taskbar (40 px)
:bulletblue: Windows 7 XLarge Taskbar (58 px)
:bulletblue: Windows 7 Ice Blue Taskbar Buttons
:bulletblue: Top and Bottom Substyles
:bulletblue: 32 and 48 pixel support
:bulletblue: 36 interchangeable Windows 7 RTM User Pictures
:bulletblue: Windows 7 Style Picture Changer
:bulletblue: Custom User Pictures Capabilities
:bulletblue: Windows 7 Frames and Caption buttons
:bulletblue: Windows 7 Text Caption Glow (unique to Aero Xtreme)
:bulletblue: Windows 7 Multi-Layer Frames with Fixed Corner Caption Glow (unique to Aero Xtreme)
:bulletblue: Windows 7 Shell Style
:bulletblue: Windows 7 Copy, Move, Delete Animations
:bulletblue: Optional taskbar Resizing Bar
:bulletblue: Installers for all Aero Xtreme 7 XP features.
:bulletblue: Uninstaller (lets you uninstall specific features of Aero Xtreme 7 XP).

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What's new in Aero Xtreme 7 XP Pre RC2

:new: Added user picture changer (also part of the main installer)
:new: Improved Text Caption Glow (now as close to Windows 7 as it gets)
:new: New Multi Layer Frames and Fixed Corner Caption Glow which wont stretch or shrink giving users a much higher quality Aero experience on their XP systems
:new: New Windows 7 Status Bar with perfect Corner Rebar Gripper for a much cleaner look
:new: Adjusted text highlight color to light sky blue
:new: Updated Taskbar Group Menus
:new: Now automatically installs Segoe UI font
:new: Added FindeXer Icon Kit for 7 style side explorer bar (see preview)

You can view the complete changelog in the download (Documentation folder) or on my dA page [link]

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What's coming in the next release?
You can view a Complete Live Changelog of what's coming in the next releases on my dA page [link] Changelog is updated weekly and sometimes daily when a release is near.

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About the installers...
The setup process will correctly install Aero Xtreme 7 XP regardless of the drive and folder structure on your system. It will automatically detect the correct folder. If you have any trouble with the new installers, please let me know.

NOTE: The installer will be improved in RC2. I am currently exploring how to implement combo box value lists for User Pictures and check boxes for optional features.

Includes Show Desktop 1.041
The new installer will now setup Show Desktop for you so that it automatically runs on system startup. You can download the most recent version of Show Desktop here [link]

NOTE: For Windows 7 users, Show Desktop adds the option to minimize all windows instead of showing the desktop. Aeor Xtreme for Windows 7 is coming soon which will allow Show Desktop to integrate seamlessly with Windows 7.

Show Desktop is exclusive to Aero Xtreme 7 XP. Do not package this utility with your skin. Simply provide a link to the official 'Show Desktop' page [link] by CeIIular.

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:bulletred: Looking for the best Windows 7 theme for Vista? click here :bulletred: [link]

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:iconifreex: Featured Wallpaper by =ifreex

Thanks for the awesome wall!

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If you like this release of Aero Xtreme 7 XP, please comment and :+fav: to help keep Aero Xtreme in the top download list.

Thanking everybody in advance who will be testing Aero Xtreme 7 XP!

Ian, Developer & Co-Owner
InTime Applications Inc.

Add us to your watch list :+devwatch: [link]

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BASE SKIN: Aero Xtreme 7 XP is based on AeroTime by InTime69 [link] which was originally based on Aero Style by Windows X. Permission was granted by Windows X to use his WB theme as the base skin for AeroTime. Many thanks! Here's the [link] to Windows X Live.

LEGAL: Windows 7 images captured in this skin are the property of Microsoft® Corporation. Absolutely no images were extracted from Windows 7 Aero style. Use this skin for personal use only.

PERMISSIONS: Do not use any of the images found in this skin without my permission. A multi-stage process is used to capture perfect aeroshots and a lot of time is required to achieve this. I also had to purchase several applications and utilities to help me capture perfect aeroshots. Excluding Start Menu user pictures [link] , all Aero images will remain exclusive to InTime Applications until Aero Xtreme 7 XP reaches it's final stages at which time permissions will be re-evaluated.

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I have been a faithful fan of WindowBlinds and other Stardock desktop tweaks for 10 years now. I have seen WB grow from a button skinning app that used 76 kb on Windows 98 to the massive and comprehensive offerings of 7x available today. It's been a wonderful journey, spanning the spectrum from the sublime to the ridiculous, and I've loved every minute of it.
It seems a shame to have the journey reach it's final destination, but it's very possible that the end is in sight with InTime's Aero Xtreme 7, because I can't imagine anyone topping it. In combination with Cellular's 'Show Desktop' app (included in the download) this skin mimics Windows 7 on XP in a way that will be VERY hard to surpass.
When Ian and the gang at InTime put the finishing touches (such as changable user pics) on the final release of Aero Extreme 7, I truly don't envision myself looking any further for a fast, neatly versatile and reliable way to make Windows XP look and act exactly like Windows' newest operating system.
The journey had to end somewhere, I suppose. Aero Extreme 7 looks like a very, very inviting place to rest.
What do you think?
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116 out of 123 deviants thought this was fair.

Critique by SpiffyC Oct 24, 2009, 10:31:29 AM
At RC stage and all ready amazing, I absolutely love WB and other Stardock products. This is the skin I would use on my XP unfortunately When I reformatted I had to leave all my programs behind to start again clean. I will buy WindowBlinds again soon at this skins RC2 stage and will definitely use this for a very long time if WindowBlinds does not slow down my system like it did before I did a clean install of Windows.
The Window Caption Glow added male this look so much like Windows 7 that when I saw one of my friends using this skin with WB and also WindowsFX it would fool me if I didn't take a look at sys. properties or when I press Control+Alt+delete I would have actually thought my friend would have had Windows 7. Aero Xtreme XP FTW!

Clearly you work so hard, InTime;

What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
76 out of 78 deviants thought this was fair.

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sonyasb Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013
thank you
Najo98 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
how do u get transparency on the top of the windows
IanITAInc Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
If you mean the borders, you would need WindowBlinds Enhanced and your graphic card needs to support per pixel transparency. If you mean AeroPeek, then install ShowDesktop by CeIIular. More info in the deviation description. If you need any further help, let me know :)
L33TaS Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
How you did that so you can see the pictures on desktop as in 7?
IanITAInc Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
It's with IconX. If you look in my gallery you will find a deviation or two (2) regarding IconX.
L33TaS Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
its still doesn't shows the pictures as in 7 it just adds the mouseover effect
IanITAInc Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
I can't remember but I think it only works for certain types of images and I can't quite remember which type (PNG, ICO, GIF). Really not sure as I am no longer on XP. Sorry! :)
igormannow Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
muuuuuuuuitho bom!
lindo lindo lindoooooooooo
IanITAInc Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
Thanks! I think :D
celestelol152 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012
im downloadig it, if it dsnt work ill cut your head off ;p
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